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Married, Mexico...

Oh, you want more?

If you are at this website, it means that you have made a lasting impact on Colleen's life, Keith remembers your name, or you made a serious wrong turn somewhere on the Google highway...


1. For those of you who know us well, you mighta thought we were the last people to wanna get married at all, never mind to each other! In fact, I'm pretty sure I talked many people in my life out of the entire institution... And I know Keith and I seemed to bond over the years, while attending other people's weddings, by admitting how uncomfortable we always were...

So, it seems rather fitting to pit our own personal 'end of the world' alongside an ancient historical cultures 'end of the world', and either way we win. I think? Or at least take all the people we care about down with us!

2. Having set up shop in Vancouver, any excuse for more sun in my life is welcome, so if walking down some aisle is what it takes to get some sun around here, gosh darn it, I'll do it! (plus any idea Keith has which actually involves leaving the house I make sure to jump on!)

3. We also felt like it might be nice to have a neutral zone for people of different cities and countries to have an equal opportunity (or a really good excuse!) to join in the fun (or not!). Its a sunny holiday, a little close to Christmas, in a resort where there is access to some ruins close by, food is taken care of, flights, beds, transit all worked out, so all we have to do is hang out! To see some familiar faces in a place where everyone can kick off their shoes at the same time.

Conclusion: No pressure and we'd love to see you! (well, Colleen would love to see you and Keith would love to tolerate your collective presence;)


Why do I want to get married in Mexico?

Well, I've never been and I've spent a lot of time getting to know Canada, driving approximately 25,000KM back and forth across it. I feel every good Canadian should see this country at least once in their lives before travelling elsewhere, and I've done it enough to justify my citizenship even though I hate hockey.

And we're getting married in the winter... why would anyone want to get married in Canada in the winter?!

It sucks in the winter.

It sucks so much that normally sane people do things like strap plastic boards to their feet and slide down dangerous mountains, or chase rubber cylinders around on frozen water with blades strapped to their feet. Does that sound right to you?

*Travel Advisories

There have been travel warnings issued in 2011 for travelling to mexico.

Canadian Government Travel Warning to Mexico
US Government Travel Warning to Mexico

Facts and Figures

Number of Canadian tourist deaths from accidents, murders or suicides in Mexico reported by foreign affairs department (2006-2011): 112
Number of gun homicides in Canada (2006-2008): 578

Pleased be advised that Canada is a dangerous country.